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Examples Of Tabata Workouts And Best Options For Beginners

Tabata workouts are a type of HIIT – high intensity interval training, where you put your body in full power drive for twenty seconds, rest for twenty seconds, and then do it again. Repeat seven times over.

But, it is actually much more intense than HIIT as it requires that you do the 20 second intervals at maximum level of intensity.

This is of utmost importance and will include gasping for breath, extreme muscle burn, sweating and the ultimate push with the most exertion.

It’s a super-efficient way of getting your body in shape. And you can use the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch - VIOLET / PINK METALLIC GLOSS New Price: $22.90 Old Price: $22.90 You Save: to keep track of your workout.

Tabata exercises may target various parts of the body because there is a vast amount of moves to choose from and so you can use different exercise for the 20 second intense intervals based on the muscles you want to concentrate on.

Exercise Bike Tabata

If you have an exercise bike, the most basic Tabata exercise is simply cycling. But rather than sit there going at it for the typical boring hour, you’re going to do a carefully timed workout for the Tabata protocol.

Get out a stopwatch, or set your smartphone somewhere where you can reach and see it. The regular stopwatch will work, or you can download one of the many Tabata timing apps freely available.

For twenty seconds, pedal as fast as you can. During this entire high intensity period, your speedometer should read at least 35 RPM.

Another good way to turn up the intensity meter is to up the resistance or incline levels.

When your stopwatch shows twenty seconds or your Tabata timer bleeps it out to the world, stop. Just rest. Hang out there for exactly ten seconds, and then start again, using all the breath and energy reserves you’ve been gathering in the last ten seconds.

Do twenty more seconds of your fastest possible pedaling—again, going at least 35 RPM—and then rest again for ten more.

For a Tabata training session, you need to do 8 sets of twenty seconds each, spaced by ten minute rest periods. When it’s finished you may want to cool yourself down a little by some gentle cycling. It is also important to do a 5 minute warm up to get the muscles ready for the intense phases.

That’s one example of a Tabata exercise session. But it is only one. You can make up your own Tabata exercise sessions by putting together sets of exercises that target the muscles you need to work on.

More Tabata Regimens

For instance, if you feel you need some focus on upper body strength, push-ups are a great way to workout without any extra equipment. To do a push-up, you lie on your stomach on the floor and then get into plank position; hands slightly more than shoulder width apart.

Your toes should be biting into the floor, your body in neutral position. Keeping yourself in a completely straight line, lower yourself so your chest touches the floor.

Exhale, but keep your core muscles engaged, and then push up with your hands till you’re back in the starting position— keeping yourself in a straight line the whole time.

That’s the basic push up.

A Tabata push-up session means you have to be really, really, intense about your push-ups for twenty seconds. Do as many repetitions for twenty seconds as humanly possible, all while keeping perfect form.

Then, you can relax and play dead for ten seconds. As soon as the ten seconds are up, though, go all out again—high intensity, working as fast as you can go.

When 8 rounds are completed, your Tabata push-up session is done. You might feel dead, but your body has completed an important milestone on the road to better health.

Tabata Mash Ups

There are more than 25 different moves that can be used in Tabata training. You can mix and mash them together in one session, or simply the same one over and over.

For example, you can do Russian Twists for 4 of the intense 20 second sessions and then Mountain Climbers for the other 4 sets.

You can also do a low and high impact mash up, by doing Sit Ups for the first four 20 second intervals, then take it up a notch and do Box Jumps for the other four.

No matter which you choose, you will never be bored, and you will keep the body at peak level of fitness because you are constantly keeping it guessing and challenged.

Final Thoughts

Tabata is intense and highly effective. Make sure to learn the moves you plan to do and keep perfect form to eliminate the risk of injury.

If you are new to fitness then you should start slower and build up, using the exercise bike for Tabata will be your best bet until you can work up to the more intense full body moves, like Burpees, Mountain Climbers and Lunge Jumps.

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How to Find Time to Exercise

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Find Time to Exercise

We all have great intentions when it comes to exercise. If you are like most people, you make a decision to exercise, probably even announce your intention.

Perhaps you go and buy exercise equipment, or get a gym membership and even buy workout clothes.

Then something happens! Suddenly you have no time for exercise or even worse the desire for exercise fades.

Adding something new into our daily schedule is somewhat difficult. We really need to commit to finding the time and then following through on actually doing the activity. Being stuck in a pattern is not going to get us to the gym or even a walk around the block.

Here are Some Tips to Get You Started Exercising

  1. Start with a Goal and Write it Down: If you have a calendar add your intention in dark red ink. If you would rather add it to your phone, then set up a reminder. Pick a date to get started and mark it in your calendar on the days you plan on exercising. When you write something down you make a commitment to get the job done!
  2. What can you replace in Your Schedule: Instead of trying to add one more thing into your already hectic schedule, take a look at the schedule and see what you can move to another time or delete altogether? Replacing time watching TV or being on social media with exercise will not only make you feel better, but you will look better as well. If you can’t find time during the week for exercise, then plan on getting some on the weekends.
  3. Making Changes in Your Schedule: Can you go to bed 20 or 30 minutes later or even get up 20 or 30 minutes earlier? Use this time for exercise. If you do this three times a week you will be able to add exercise into our schedule. This could have an impact on your whole day!
  4. Can You Give Something Up: When starting a new goal, it is important to see if you can give up something of value for something with a more pressing need. Exercise is that pressing need. Giving up some time sleeping or time on the computer or TV isn’t really a sacrifice is it?
  5. Finding Time on Your Lunch Hour: What do you do on your lunch hour? Do you eat at your desk and check out your email or social media sites? Instead, go for a 30 minute walk or even 30 minutes at the gym. Take the other 30 minutes to eat lunch and whatever else you need to do. You will be glad you found the time.

Finding time to exercise is not a matter of not having the time. It is just a matter of scheduling exercise like any other appointment in your calendar. It may take some time to incorporate this in your daily schedule, but after a while it will be a habit you glad you started.